Melissa Kiki Andersen

12 år
Nickname: Tou-Tou, Toots or Mulle.

Melissa is in 6th grade at The Parkskolen. Parkskolen is a school for children with learning difficulties.

Interests: During the weekends she keeps her parents in their tooes. Or hang out with BFF Jasmin.

She loves listering to music. She listens to all the new music she can find on the internet.

Melissa has, like her siblings grown up with first the cats and later the dogs. So when she grows up she wants a Pug and a Burmese.

Favorite color: lilac, and maybe pink. Or maybe black: (these are her own word!)

Favorite drink: Cola

Favorite food:Pizza and Nachos AND candy, ice cream and chips...(hmm...!)

Favorite place: The beach or her bed with all her stuff, her mobile and wathing TV - she is genuine Teenager!

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