Purchase of a kitten
from Burmese Cattery of Magicat

  • Your Burmese kitten is between 12 and 14 weeks, when it is ready to leave home and move to your home.
  • Your Burmese kitten has had the first vaccination against catflu etc.
  • Your Burmese kitten has been dewormed at the age of 6 and 9 weeks, if nessecary
  • Your Burmese kitten has been checked my our veterinarian and has a health certificate.
  • Your Burmese kitten comes with a top quality kitten food for the first days with you. The kitten food is of a branch which we recommend.
  • Your Burmese kitten comes with some toys it knows, and which we know it loves.

We have only few restrictions on our kittens. Depending on whether you have purchased a pet cat, a show cat and a breeding cat

Generally we demand following:

We expect that the kitten will be vaccinated with the same or similar vaccine as the first vaccine given by our vet. Unfortunately we have some very sad experience when a kitten from us was vaccinated with a different vaccine than the first one, and subsequently died of the sickness he developed.

If you purchaed a pet cat, we expect that the kitten is neutralised at 6 to 8 month for male kittens, and at 10 to 12 month with females kittens.
In general we expect to be informed of what happens to the kitten. That means about if you need to rehome the cat, if injured, if lost and when the cat dies.

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